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Enhancing Global Commerce in Developing Countries

The Marx Group LLC is an International Transparency Consultancy  specializing in promoting international investment and global commerce, especially in developing countries.

The Problem We Address. Nations seeking economic growth, especially those in conflict and post-conflict environments, and those judged high risk by Transparency International, face an uphill battle in encouraging global investment. The perception of wide-spread corruption, confusing laws and regulations, lack of security, and cumbersome and arbitrary business practices make international businesses and their investors leery.

Our Value Proposition. Nations can do much to encourage global investment by creating resource tender and procurement initiatives that demonstrate fairness, transparency and accountability and streamline business processes. The Marx Group assists national governments and government operating agencies to: 1) develop and implement an integrated approach to public transparency that builds upon national law, regulations and policy; 2) create local processes and operating procedures that include transparency, fairness and accountability as an overarching framework and streamline business operations; and 3) include independent oversight and review of processes that affirms transparency, fairness and accountability. This comprehensive methodology provides global companies with confidence in the fairness of acquisitions, procurements and public tenders while providing citizens knowledge that their precious resources are being handled accountably by their government.

Support to Governments. While corruption is often pervasive and is an impediment to international investment, The Marx Group next generation transparency model , when embraced by senior government officials,  has proven to significantly improve accountability and fairness and encourages global investment. In Afghanistan our next generation transparency model was employed by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum on nine hydrocarbon and mineral tenders with unprecedented success; and was featured in Harpers Magazine.

“The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has conducted nine hydrocarbons and minerals tenders with transparency assistance from The Marx Group’s International Transparency Advisors, and has not had a credible claim of corruption in the tender process. A testament to the commitment of the Minister of Mines and Petroleum and his staff, the Inter-Ministerial Commission and The Marx Group transparency model. No small achievement in a country which Transparency International rates among the three most corrupt nations in the world.”

Support to Global Investors. The Marx Group LLC works with global investors and hydrocarbons and mining industry firms to assist in developing local partnerships between governments and industry that improve transparency, fairness to all parties and more efficient business operations.

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