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  Working Hand-in-Hand with Developing Nations

The Marx Group International Transparency Advisors work hand-in-hand with national, provincial and municipal operating agency officials to create processes and controls that reflect local customs and adhere to national laws and regulations while aligning with international best practices. This in-country context is critical to local ownership of the results.

The Marx Group consultant teams consist of experts in acquisition and procurement, transparency, anti-corruption, process controls, finance, business process engineering, regulatory development and global investment.

The Marx Group transparency model supports the principles and criteria of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) which sets a global standard for transparency in oil, gas and mining. While EITI focuses primarily on post-award financial transparency and accountability of funds, The Marx Group transparency model encompasses a broader context and includes the openness of all activities beginning with tender planning and extending to award of contracts and subsequent program operations.

Importantly, the Marx Group transparency model includes independent validation that demonstrates adherence to the transparency processes and standards employed by the national government or operating agencies involved.

--Working closely with Afghanistan's Minister of Mines and Petroleum:


 Minister Shahrani


Dear Don and Joanne, 

On Monday the Cabinet is going to approve the negotiated draft contract of Amu Darya Oil Basin and will authorize the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to sign the contract with the winning bidder. At this stage we will be very keen to refer to your assessment of the process in order to make sure that the process has been transparent and has been in line not just with our Hydrocarbons Law but also in line with international good practices. This approach will give us and the people in the country high degree of confidence that the contracts for their resources have been handled in a very transparent and efficient manner. Therefore your report will be very useful in this direction. As we spoke last time, the findings of your assessment will not be limited for the Amu Darya process but it will also be used as a guiding principle for future tenders as well.

Warm regards, Wahidullah Shahrani
Minister of Mines and Petroleum


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