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Transparency Model Our Transparency Model

The Marx Group LLC Transparency Model
TMG's Transparency Model is a fully integrated process-based approach for transparency of a broad range of government-to-business activities including tenders, solicitations for products and services, major systems acquisitions, procurements and contract operations.

The Model dramatically improves fairness, transparency and accountability across the spectrum of laws, regulations, operating policies, standards, controls, business practices and cultural norms. The Model includes communication and IT systems. It links government, the public, media, legal and financial compliance, culture, environment, bidders and evaluators in a common standards-based "transparency culture." Importantly, the validation features ensure that processes and standards are visible to all participants.

 Bid Eval Observation of Bid Evaluations by independent International Transparency Advisors ensure compliance with tender processes and international best practices for transparency, fairness and accountability.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has conducted nine hydrocarbons and minerals tenders since 2011 with transparency assistance from The Marx Group's International Transparency Advisors, and has not had a credible claim of corruption in the tender process. A testament to the commitment of the Minister of Mines and his staff and The Marx Group transparency model -- in a country which Transparency International rates among the three most corrupt nations in the world. Contact us to learn how this approach can be used in your country.

Our Transparency Model is positioned to emerge as the next global standard for transparency. Details of the Transparency Model are available to appropriate government and international agencies seeking to improve transparency. For more information about our Transparency Model contact us.


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