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Management Assesment Oversight Reviews

Operational oversight and audit are key elements that ensure accountability, fairness and transparency. Our regulatory and oversight development model integrates public oversight reviews and audits that have proven successful even in complex business environments such as resource tenders.

Example. Hydrocarbons or minerals exploration and/or production sharing contracts are subject to abuse by contractor's excessively high operating expenditures resulting in reduced revenues to the host nation. Inflated subcontracts and/or procurement costs are often difficult to detect in traditional financial reviews and audits. The Marx Group's experts use sophisticated analysis tools and methods to detect abuses. During a recent procurement review for the hydrocarbons regulatory authority in a nation developing its natural resources The Marx Group procurement experts identified contractor abuses and practices that permitted the host nation to substantially reduce the contractor's allowable operating expenses leading to higher host nation revenues. A procurement review can potentially deliver high returns for the host nation, and establish practices that improve future long-term revenues. Contact us to learn more.


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