Other Services

The Marx Group provides the following consulting services in support of our mission of enhancing global commerce:

  • Systems analysis and design
  • System planning
  • Requirements analysis and definition
  • Operations analysis
  • Concept definition
  • Design verification
  • Independent performance verification

We have applied these skills to complex systems including aviation, aerospace, government, healthcare and business operations.

Technology Application

TMG couples technology analysts with systems engineers and business analysts to assure that the application of new technologies will create real business advantage in the context of a nation’s needs. We seriously question the “spin” of technology advocates and unrealistic forecasts of benefits.

Management Analysis

The Marx Group’s management analysis team has the skills, tools and experience to formulate creative solutions for difficult management challenges and to provide independent assessment of complex projects and programs. Our expertise includes:

  • Project management
  • Program assessment
  • Decision analysis tools
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Process management
  • E-government initiatives
  • Human error reduction

Regulatory and Oversight Agency Development and Improvement

The Marx Group’s proven model for regulatory or oversight agency development provides national, provincial and city government regulatory or oversight agencies with the means to improve oversight of operations. The model assists regulatory agencies to implement policies, processes and management oversight tailored to national, regional and local needs to ensure compliance with national and local laws and regulations, sophisticated contract requirements and international standards. Importantly, the model ensures that governments receive the highest possible benefits from procurements, royalties and profit sharing contracts while overseeing costs and revenue operations. Our oversight model assists regulatory or oversight agencies to monitor cost recoverable expenses.

The model provides a clear means for planning and prioritizing development of new regulatory and oversight agencies to ensure best value during the development stage.

Oversight Reviews

Operational oversight and audit are key elements that ensure accountability, fairness and transparency. Our regulatory and oversight development model integrates public oversight reviews and audits that have proven successful even in complex business environments such as resource tenders.

Example. Hydrocarbons or minerals exploration and/or production sharing contracts are subject to abuse by contractor’s excessively high operating expenditures resulting in reduced revenues to the host nation. Inflated subcontracts and/or procurement costs are often difficult to detect in traditional financial reviews and audits. The Marx Group’s experts use sophisticated analysis tools and methods to detect abuses. During a recent procurement review for the hydrocarbons regulatory authority in a nation developing its natural resources The Marx Group procurement experts identified contractor abuses and practices that permitted the host nation to substantially reduce the contractor’s allowable operating expenses leading to higher host nation revenues. A procurement review can potentially deliver high returns for the host nation, and establish practices that improve future long-term revenues.